Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mary and Moses

My sister-in-law, Jennifer, sent me a package the other day.  I figured it was Christmas gifts for the grandkids so I didn't open it.  I thought it'd be easier to wait until the Christmas tree was up and I could put the gifts under the tree.

Jennifer called me today to make sure I'd opened the package.  It turns out that she'd sent the g'kids a bunch of Bible time costumes!  You could mix and match them all.  She even told me that she'd made sure she had enough for our own Christmas pageant.

What a great idea!  Josh and Julia tried them on (Randall acquiesed to trying on the king costume for a few minutes) and really had a good time playing Bible dress up.  I talked with them about the costumes as we tried them on.  Julia loved the Mary costume and wanted her picture taken.  Josh decided that the costume that could've been Herod the King looked more like Moses to him.  And he didn't want to be a bad king.  He wanted to be Moses, you know, 'the guy who climbed Mount Everest'!

So here are Mary and Moses.  (Julia's nose is red because she was Rudolph in preschool this morning and didn't want it washed off).

Oh and by the way, the baby Jesus looks a lot like Baby Belle and Moses wore Skechers.


NLBlack said...

Adorable! What perfect dress ups! My daughter bought a big set of these from Oriental Trading Company for her young church group, and they love them.

Wouldn't it be cute to have a new Christmas photo taken of all the grandchildren in Nativity costumes? I'd hang that one every year!

Jean said...

I'm lovin' the Rudolph nose!

Jean said...

Josh looks just like his dad ... and Julia is a beautiful little girl! (Can I say that? Or is she a big girl now?)

Liz said...

awwwwwwww!!! Love it!

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