Friday, March 27, 2009

We're all getting old around here

Ranger, our 5 year old Sheltie, has been having some problems lately. He's been having a hard time standing up and getting up or down from the couch. And he hasn't been as perky as usual. So I took him into the vet's today and he's got arthritis. Poor guy. Stiff, achy joints - makes him fit in with Kevin and me! He got a cortizone shot and will be taking Glucosomine to help the joints.

The vet laughed when I told him that Ranger is so smart that he goes outside if I tell him "You're grounded!". It's true. When he does something he's not supposed to and I tell him he's grounded, he'll go out the doggie door and stay outside for a few minutes. He'll poke his head in and if I tell him he's still grounded, he'll go back outside. He is so smart and such a great fit for our family.

I remember a vet years ago told me that all of our pets were really good animals. I don't think we have some great ability to pick good pets, I think we are a good family for pets.

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