Friday, July 24, 2009

Watermelon Festival?

Today I had just Ally and decided that we should go on an adventure. So I looked up today's date and East Texas and discovered that there is a Watermelon Festival just an hour away!

Doesn't the thought of juicy, cold, FREE watermelon just set your mouth to watering? What a great way to spend a summer day in July.

So I called my best friend, Pam, and told her I'd pick up her and Weasle (her daughter - just her nickname but I've been calling her that for so long I rarely use her real name) and we'd go to a Watermelon Festival!

I decided to bring Beast because she loves to travel and folks love to pet her. Seems like people are just nicer in general when you've got a cute little dog.

The directions were easy - pretty much straight north, then hang a right and go to the watermelon patch. Keep in mind that I keep using the word 'watermelon'.

We parked in a nice shady spot. It wasn't crowded at all, in fact we were the only car parked in this spot. We took that as a sign that luck was on our side. (I definitely need to read my signs better)

Ally had worn her boots and her jeans and told me she was a cowboy. So we needed to find her a cowboy hat, of course. There were some shaded booths so we strolled around. We saw a booth for air brush painted tattoos. Ally picked out a rose and decided she wanted it on her arm. As she was getting her tattoo, we were looking at all the different designs and I wondered out loud how Beast would look with a tattoo....

A small dog gets lots of attention, a small dog with a tattoo gets even more attention! Everyone who saw Beast laughed and it was like having our own icebreaker.

We got Ally a cowboy hat, we had lunch at a wonderful Mexican food stand and picked up a few more things.

Did I mention we were at a watermelon festival? We kept looking for watermelons. Sadly, we never found any. We found funnel cakes so we were sure it was a festival, but there weren't any watermelons. There weren't many vendors either. We weren't sure what the draw was. We figured it was watermelons. Did I mention we never saw any watermelons?

Ally told me she 'really, really' wanted to go to Grammy's house. So we knew it was time to head home. We made a last stop at the pony rides. There was a pony there who was about the size of Christy's doberman. Ally wanted to ride that pony. So the folks saddled up Peanut and Ally got to ride a real pony. She was tentative but finally let herself enjoy the ride. Instead of going around in a circle, they walked her all around the field nearby. When we were finished, they didn't even charge us!

Someone else gave us some free roses too. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Cute grandkid and cute dog seem to equal free stuff at Watermelon Festivals! (did I mention we never saw any watermelons?)

We headed home, full of memories, smiles and funnel cake. Definitely a successful adventure.


Jaime said...

Sounds like you guys had fun, even if there weren't any watermelons. :-)

Jean said...

I'm grinning at the 'no WATERMELONS at the WATERMELON festival' bit!

Liz said...

How funny! What town has the watermelon festival? I wonder if that's like Gilmer's Yamboree festival...not many potatoes being sold there, but lots of fun carnival-type stuff.

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