Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back in the saddle again

It's been about 2 1/2 years since I've been on a work weekend at Pine Cove. This weekend Ben, an amazing young man who also loves jr hi kids, and I loaded up 10 teens and we introduced them to a weekend of serving and fun.

I loved getting to know the new folks there and spending time with these great teens. I loved watching the whole group work together on a big project:

They're remodeling the old dining hall into offices so our kids spent literally hours helping clean up the construction site. It took 10 of them to heave this old carpet onto the fire.

Then they served in the kitchen:

And had enough leftover time to enjoy the swing!

It was amazing to watch the transformation as the teens worked and played together. The girls are really excited about our own Big Girl/Little Girl and overnights and just getting together.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of satisfaction when you're doing what you know you were made to do? That's how I felt this weekend. I know it's a gift from God and I love watching Him at work in jr hi kids' lives.

God is good and I am truly blessed.

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Andrew 'BOSS' Sanders said...


Ruth, you. are. awesome.

thanks for being such a great role model and for starting the ministry that God is still blessing here at FBC.

ps-i really want to take you up on the offer to go over some of the why wait stuff some time. i gave the first talk (of two...its complicated) and it went great, but being in my position (single 20 yr. old college kid) it was tough to remember all the gory details and witty things you said.

Love ya Ruth!


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