Thursday, January 06, 2011

How can you outlive your life?

"Only one life,
'twill soon be past.
Only what's done for Christ will last."

That poem must have been really popular when I was growing up because I remember reading it numerous places, like wall hangings, towels, etc. Jesus marketing has been around a long time!

But it's a great poem to think about. We only have one life. It's only ours and only we can decide what we're going to do with it. But by ourselves, any traces of us will be gone before we turn to dust.

I think it's interesting that I haven't really thought about making my life count until I was on the other side of my life's halfway mark. Until then, I was busy living and surviving and existing in the moment. That's not bad. I think it's good because savoring the moment can become a habit.

If we're not living for Christ, we will never outlive our life. It truly won't matter how big or small my house was, if I served crystal or paper, if my house was clean or cluttered or if I had great bling.

Our investment in other people's lives is the only thing that will outlive us. Experiencing the love of God, the cleansing of salvation, the sorrow of regrets, the joy of second chances, gives us the privilege of helping others experience those same things. Changed lives will outlive our lives.

The wonderful man who led me to the Lord and was my spiritual father, Bill, will probably die before I die. But he will live on whenever I do something in the name of Christ. Kevin's grandmother died a few years ago, but she lives on whenever I have people in my home because she taught me how to have an open home and open heart. Because of people who showed me Christ's love and character, I was able to love my children differently than before. Because of Christ, Kevin and I have a marriage that will last our whole life. Because of Christ, our children are raising their children differently. Not because of our house or our car or our income or even our good intentions - because of Christ.

I truly believe that the only way we outlive our life is by pouring it into others.

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