Friday, September 27, 2013

Things I'm loving about my mid-50's

Having been part of the generation that was taught, "don't trust anyone over 30", the whole idea of aging has not been positive.  However, as I get older, I am finding there are more positive aspects than I ever imagined.

Here are some I am loving about my 50's:

1) I am no longer affected by peer pressure.  Wow, I never really expected that to go away.  I thought I would always feel pressure to fit in with my peers, but no longer!  I don't have to wear the latest fashions or make up or shoe styles.  I don't feel an urge to compete with those around me anymore.

2) I am pretty much invisible.  This is a good thing!  I don't get singled out by police or at the airport.

3) People are polite to me.  Folks open doors, carry packages and are always offering to help.  I guess I don't look like I can do it myself anymore, but that's okay, I like it.

4) I am not spending all my energy looking to the future. I no longer tell myself, 'when this happens, I can slow down'.  I have finally slowed down. And I like it right here in the present.

5) I have reached the age where I can suddenly remember incredible details about the past.  I can close my eyes and be transported to any age I choose. Never mind that I can't remember where my keys are or what day of the week it is, but I do remember all my teachers from elementary school.

6)  I get to be a grandparent.  The most wonderful thing happens when you become a grandparent - you suddenly become cool again!  And even better than  that, you don't have to raise your grandchild, you merely have to love them. There is a sweetness to that truth that is like honey to my heart.

7) I don't feel the need to have things anymore.  I find myself giving away or cutting back on things in general. More stuff or bigger houses just don't interest me anymore.  I didn't realize what a burden that was until it lifted.

8) I no longer have to parent my children. My daughters will always be my children but I no longer have to raise them.  I have no more desire to give my opinion unless they ask. Another weight is gone that I hadn't realized weighed so much.

In my 50's I want to just enjoy life, savor my friends and family and appreciate the world around me.  Life has become much sweeter than I imagined it would be at this age.  For that, I am grateful.


Todd Porter said...

I need to start doing some of these things now. Especially the slowing down part.

Anonymous said...

good thoughts, ruth.

- julie

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