Thursday, June 25, 2015

The People and the Stories Make the Vacation

We decided to visit Taos for our vacation this year.  We anticipated a relaxing time.  What we didn't anticipate was our encounter with some wonderful people with fascinating stories.

We rented a lovely cabin restored from the 1850's that is owned by a delightful couple, Jerry and Marilyn.  Jerry is a well known and amazingly talented artist.  This couple was so welcoming that we felt at home right away.  They recommended places to eat and chatted warmly.  During the week, we had the chance to visit often.  Jerry invited us to his studio.  His work in the studio was beautiful.  He had some pieces that were dedicated to Vietnam vets that literally had me in tears.

And the stories we got to hear!  Jerry does a lot of Native American themed paintings and told us stories of living with a family who lived in
Taos Pueblo who adopted him into the tribe.  His paintings were throughout the cabin and were just incredible to look at.

Then Kevin and I took a glass class together.  The teacher, Delinda, was a delight.  She was knowledgeable and encouraging and fun to talk with.  And her story was so amazing to hear.  Delinda was a professional dancer who toured and danced with Gene Kelly, Bing Crosby, Willie Nelson and others! She was in a bad accident and had to give up dancing.  So she became an artist.  And then she began to train dogs for search and rescue.

And then she introduced us to her 'other half'.  He just happens to be a world renown knife designer.  Kevin felt like he was in the presence of a celebrity!  He was just thrilled to meet this man.

We met another character at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  He was a travelling vendor who had built his camper in three weeks with wood and a skill saw.  He did leather work, was a musician and songwriter and a general all around character.  But he was a hoot to listen to!

We saw some beautiful sights in and around Taos.  It was a very relaxing vacation.  But our memories will be filled with the people we met and the stories they told.  

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