Monday, October 09, 2006

Tomorrow's the day

I've got the grandkids one more day today. I'll take them to pick up their other grandmother at the airport and then I'll take them all to Christy's. Kyle and Christy are going to get in from Austin and the NYWC this evening.

Then I come home and clean and then relax. Tomorrow I have to be at the hospital at 5:30am! Surgery is at 7:30. I've got 3 weeks of no youth group, no grandkids and many folks making sure I rest!

I know the yg is in very capable hands. And Dottie will be watching Christy's kids and Ally. (she's wonderful!) So, all I have to do is let myself rest. Why does that scare me a bit?

I am spending today reminding myself that God's in control. He guides the surgeon's and the anesthesiologist's hands. He guides the youth group. He doesn't need me and it's okay to rest.

repeat as needed

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