Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm all about quirky but.....

I love quirky things. Decor that makes you smile and then scratch your head is just about perfect for me. In our old house, the bathroom was the most famous room because of the decor.

I used the cuffs of different colored sweatshirts to cover the hardware so it looked like the hands were coming out of the wall!

I say that to prove that I'm all about quirky.

But this is too quirky even for me:

Looks like paper roses, doesn't it?
It's actually made out of elephant poop!!!

Yup, you got that right. Elephant poop. These same folks also make a journal and the cover and pages are all elephant poop.

Think about it - to whom do you give roses made out of poop?

And if your journal is made from poop, do you only write about your crappy days?

You'd become the butt of jokes!

If you throw it away, would you be taking your dump to the dump?

What if you were in an outhouse and this was the only paper available?

Ok, I'm done.

The END.


Jinglebob said...

Pretty crappy thing to write about. ;) Hahahahahaha

Jaime said...

Oh, that was bad. All of them. Every last one of them.

You just have to wonder who came up with the idea in the first place. Someone scraping the doo off their shoe gets a revelation that they could turn that doo into big bucks if they could find a way to make flowers out of it??? :-)

NLBlack said...

OK, Ruth.... My husband made me a necklace out of petrified dinosaur poop! Seriously! It was like a rock, and he does lapidary work. He cut the rock and polished it. It's beautiful! You can even see the petrified blood that was from an animal that the said dinosaur had eaten before his death.

I love your bathroom fixtures! You are my type of decorator!

Anonymous said...

Makes me mindful of the joke:

What's the difference between a tavern and an elephant, um, passing gas? One's a bar rooom, and the other's a bar-ROOOOOOOOOM!
xxoo-- Killer

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