Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Planning an Adventure

For the record, I really love planning trips using the internet. It's a really fun challenge to find a unique place to visit, a fun place to stay and then finding the best possible prices. I think my inner nerd shines when I plan trips.

Kevin and I have this whole thing down to a science. I plan the trip, Kevin drives and we both have a blast. I always say that I'd love to be surprised by a trip that Kevin plans but the truth is that I'd just like to know he put some real thought into something special for me. The truth is that I really enjoy the detail planning and Kevin doesn't. So it works out magnificently for us.

This summer I had planned out an exciting pirate adventure with Russell, our eldest grandson. We are going to take each grandkid on vacation when they turn 7 years old. This is our first time. I started calling to make reservations and discovered that it was no longer available!

So I started over. A new challenge! And I think this one will be even more fun! I not only found a very cool pirate adventure, but I also found a place to stay that is only 2 blocks from the ocean. Not only that, but I also found us a condo to rent instead of just a hotel room. I also found a price almost $100/per DAY cheaper than anywhere else!

So if we stay 5 nights, technically I'm saving $500, right? Maybe I can justify some shopping while we're on vacation too. *grin*

I'm feeling smug right now. Vacation, here we come!


Jaime said...

Russell is so excited and is counting down the days! :-)

Rebecca said...

You sound like me and the trip planning thing! I always want Matthew to be in on it but he really doesn't care as much as I do. Sounds like lots of fun.

Jean said...

I don't know which is better: all the money you saved, or the trip itself!

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