Friday, September 15, 2006


The day after the leadership retreat, I had to have an emergency root canal on my tooth. Good thing they knew CPR - I thought I'd have a heart attack when they said, "that'll be $990, please"! Then I knew I'd need oxygen when they said, 'oh, by the way, you'll need a crown - it's an additional $864!!!"

Kevin was so sweet and gracious. I appreciated him so much.

The dentist said it'll hurt for 2 weeks and I'll have to eat soft foods only and chew only on the opposite side. They sure got that 'hurt' part down! I've saved my pain meds for this weekend. I'm teaching at our youth's annual Fall Retreat. We've got 46 jr hi kids coming! I'm teaching 3 lessons/sermons and it really starts hurting after a bit so I'm going to try to do it while on pain meds. Luckily, I always write my talks out so that I don't have to try to remember anything!

I don't expect much sleep this weekend either. It's going to be great, just tiring.

pretty sad that my idea of rest now comes in the form of major surgery!!!!

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