Monday, September 11, 2006

The week that flew by

I left last Sunday, Sept 3, for Tennessee. My sister-in-law and I were going to welcome her son, Josh, home from Iraq. She was flying from Phoenix to Memphis. I drove and met her in Memphis and then we drove up to TN to our hotel near the base.

I hadn't seen Chelli in almost 20 years. Reconnecting with her was a joy. We expected Josh to fly in on Monday... then it was delayed until Tuesday,... then Wednesday.... FINALLY, he came home on Thursday. There were 450 soldiers returning at the same time! It was pretty impressive seeing them deplane fully geared and then watching them march into the hangar. When they were dismissed to find their families, that's when we panicked! They all looked so much alike! Luckily, Josh found us first.

It was a fun time taking Josh all over to buy things he needed and missed. Then going to Outback for a huge steak! We had a suite at the hotel so that he could stay comfortably with us and he slept well that first night.

Sadly, we had to drop him off at his base early in the morning and then I had to drive Chelli back to the airport and try to drive back home before 5pm because I was in charge of our 9th graders' leadership retreat! The other couple took the kids to the camp and I stopped home long enough to repack and head out for camp. After 13 hours total in the car, I made it to camp, just an hour late.

I spent Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning teaching our 9th graders about leadership. It was an intense weekend. Those kids got NO free time, unless you count midnight to 2am the last evening! But it was a good weekend. Our kids are so good to each other and really care and they're ready to go!

I crashed last night but feel good today. I think I'll go take a quick nap since I got the grandkids down at the same time!

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