Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Pre-registration at the hospital.  Nice and easy.  Or not.

The good news is that we made our deductible on my gallbladder surgery so this surgery shouldn't cost us anything.  The bad news is that insurance hasn't given the go ahead for surgery.

I am supposed to show up for surgery and hope it's been approved.  If it hasn't been approved, I'll just go home.  We know that my time doesn't count, or the folks who have to rearrange their schedules, like Kevin and the girls...

I'm thankful for insurance, really I am.  I just get so tired of having to jump through hoops in order to get things done.

I remember when we had insurance when I was expecting Kylene.  We paid $40/month extra to get the 100% coverage.  And I only had to pay that amount for 3 months before delivery!  I had Kylene and had my tubes tied and it truly was paid in full 100%.  No extra phone calls, no incorrect billing, no messed up coding.  I actually kept the 'paid in full' notice from the hospital for years.  

Okay, I'm officially old since I am posting about remembering 'when' and the 'good old days'.  Of course, those were the same days when our mortgage was at 17% interest too.  

I'm done rambling and ranting.  

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