Monday, October 20, 2008

That's what family does

All 3 of my girls told me that when I had to ask them to help me arrange to take care of my aunt. How wonderful is that?

My aunt is having knee replacement surgery next week. She's asked me to stay with her the day of and the day after surgery in the hospital and then to be with her for 3 days when she's released from the hospital.

In her eyes, she's asking a big favor. In my eyes, it's a chance to be a daughter for a mom that needs her. Not having that in my family of origin, I'm honored that she asked me.

But I couldn't have done it without my girls being willing to all rearrange their schedules to help me. And all 3 of them were more than willing to help me and my aunt.

I'm just so thankful for them. And for my aunt. And for Kevin for telling me, "Whatever Aunt Alice needs, we'll do."

That's what family does. Very cool.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Really cool that you can experience that going UPward on the family tree, especially with the history you have. What a blessing.

Jaime said...

We love Aunt Alice like a grandma and are glad you get to be there to help her. I'm glad it's all worked out. :-)

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