Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here today and gone tomorrow

I'm home today after spending Tuesday and Wednesday in Tyler with my Aunt Alice. She had knee replacement surgery and asked if I'd take her to the hospital and stay overnight. I was happy to do it and I learned a lot while like I there.

For example:

*knee replacement surgery, replacing the ends of your bones with heavy metal and all the grinding and reattaching that goes with that only takes 1 hour.

*they get you up 6 hours later to begin walking on that same leg that they just whittled on and sewed on.

*The day after surgery, you are awakened at 6am and you are moving, exercising, walking or getting poked and prodded until about 4pm.

*Hip replacement is actually an easier surgery than knee replacement.

Don't you feel smarter now too?

I'm taking the Beast with me when I go back to help Aunt Alice tomorrow for the weekend. So I decided it was time to have Beast look like a real frou-frou poodle. She's going to have to grow into this cut because she's still got real fine puppy hair. But it's so funny to see this itty bitty poodle running around. I think she'll be a hit this weekend.

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