Thursday, September 11, 2008

I confess

I joined a fitness center today. I've been struggling with some strange symptoms this past year. I've had more than just hot flashes and then my heart would start racing and I'd have a hard time breathing. It's been a difficult year health wise. Now that my gallbladder has been removed, most of those strange symptoms have disappeared!

So, now that I'm finally feeling good, it's time to start taking better care of myself. The fitness center has a nursery and the time that I want to go is the quietest time of the day. I'm not a crowd person so that's good and it'll be better for the girls too. Since we got in the habit of going swimming every morning this summer, this will be an easy routine to start. And 5 days a week will make it habit for all of us.

I intend to look as pathetic as possible so that folks will have pity on the old lady.

Oh, and by the way, I finally figured out my problem....


Anonymous said...

Keep going for the "pity" angle! I'll probably write my own blog about this, but tonight I chased down a shop-lifter out in the parking lot. After the adrenaline subsided a bit, I called EB and told her about it. Her first reaction: "My Hero!" Yeah, right. She instead asked if I pulled anything and if she needed to have the ice packs ready. When I got home I hit her with my cane.

Jaime said...

Ha! I love that comic strip! Not very convincing, but funny. :-)

Two laughs. First at your comic strip and then at Uncle Killer's comment. You funny old people... :-P

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